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SuperWriter, Inc.

Gary Greenberg is an award-winning journalist who owns and operates the freelance writing service SuperWriter, Inc.

Latinas Rising Up In HR

Latinas Rising Up in HR created by Priscilla Guasso proudly showcases inspirational stories of aspiring human resources professionals who overcame obstacles

Martha E. Arias

Martha E. Arias nació en Bogotá, Colombia en 1964; Diseñadora Textil (1985), tecnóloga en Administración Financiera (1996) y administradora de…

Yessenia Rosado

Yessenia Rosado está certificada como neurocoach con Programación Neurolingüística. Además, posee un bachillerato en Administración de Empresas…


Ramona Oliver has long been passionate about supporting individuals with their personal and professional development.

Dr. Shelly Cameron, Author

Dr. Shelly Cameron is the author of books on Success, Leadership, and inspiration. Her passion for Organizational change…