Commerce Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Smith-Obolensky Media

Smith-Obolensky Media is an international media boutique based in Miami currently promoting the works of Ivan Obolensky.

CONCUSSED, a novel

CONCUSSED is a football story and a provoking mystery. A retired NFL player, suffering from brain injury (CTE), begins to replicate…

Twin by Zel Rau

Zel Rau is a deeply spiritual fiction novelist and author of the Twin – Flame – Souls series. Born in Europe and raised in Indiana, Rau has always felt…

Fourth Dimension

Ellen Frazer-Jameson Is an author of fiction and non fiction books, a journalist, broadcaster and theatre professional.  

Meta Smith

Méta Smith is an author, publisher, and educator. She attended Spelman College where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in English and DePaul…

Taniya Briana

Briana is an international author. Her published novels include “ A Journey With You “ published from USA and “ Behind the Curtains” published from Hong Kong.  

Edward R. Laden, Sr. – Author

Edward R Laden Sr is the president of Legend Productions and author of two award winning novels, LEAD STORY and THE MAJESTY-INTO THE FOG.