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Zane Carson / Carson Marketing, LLC

Zane and her husband Brady reside in Houston, Texas.  She is actively involved in the Houston Grand Opera, Houston SPCA and the Discovery Green Conservancy.

Orlando Community Arts, Inc.

Beverly Page is  a graduate of South Carolina State University where she earned a Bachelor Degree. (B.A.) She has a Master’s Degree (M.A.) in Education.


Author | TJ has been a young entrepreneur since 2017. He sells different flavored lemonade, bottled beverages, and snacks.

Bubble Books

As a new author, Tara Travieso is focused on writing about big topics to help little minds understand and communicate with others in a fun, fear-free, and light-hearted way.

Sheridon Donna Palmer

Sheridon ‘Donna’ Palmer, is a passionate author and transformational speaker from Miramar, Florida.

Lisa Monias

Lisa Monias is always inspired by her endless passion for creativity, and love for design, graphics, and all things creative.

Binky The Mermaid

Bianca Ukah currently resides in Coconut Creek Florida and attends Winston Park Elementary School.

Twinky Books

Do You Know Me? Poems About the Sea highlights sixteen different animals that entice a child’s curiosity about the greater world.


Susaan Marie Chapman  grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania as the oldest of eight children.  She has always had a special love for children and for animals.