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Watch a Live Event on

It couldn’t be easier! does NOT require you to register to watch free videos or live events. Simply head over to the event page on the date and start time and click the pink PLAY button. 

Registration is required ONLY if you’d like to use features such as the “Add to my watchlist” button, or if you want to use the “LIVE CHAT/Q&A” window, which is available during live events only. Remember: 



Watch a Paid Event on

TO WATCH: Go to the event page and press the pink PLAY button on the date and start time of the event. The event link may have been emailed to you, or you might find the event page on the homepage of, or by searching with a keyword from the homepage of

REMEMBER, IF THE EVENT IS NOT FREE TO THE PUBLIC AND YOU’VE RECEIVED A PASSWORD FOR THAT EVENT: When you click on the pink PLAY button, a prompt will appear requesting the event-specific password. You must enter the password in order to access the event. This password is DIFFERENT from the one you chose for yourself if/when you registered for a account. 


Register for

Registering on is a one-time, easy process. 

Once you’ve registered – and as long as you remember your username and password – you won’t need to register again. But be sure to save your username and password in a safe place. Remember: You will only need to input your MBFO login/password if you get logged out of the website. 

Most individual events do not require an additional registration, but please note: If an event is NOT free – and requires a book-as-ticket purchase or other payment – when you press the pink PLAY button for that specific event at the time of the event, a prompt will appear in front of the video requesting an event-specific access password. When you purchase the ticket or book-as-ticket, you will receive that password.

These special passwords apply ONLY to specific events for which we require a purchase of some kind (usually a book), and it’s completely separate from your registration password. 


Join a Q&A on

This interactive feature is available to anyone registered on

TO WATCH & CHAT: To join an audience Live Chat and Q&A, you will need to be registered on (If you didn’t register prior to the event day and time, or if you’ve been logged out, go to and click the green “Login/Register” button in the top right corner of the homepage.) 

The LIVE CHAT/Q&A function is ONLY available during live events.


Quick Tips for MBFO Registration

There are two ways you can register at

1. Register with your email address and create your own password.
Register by linking your Facebook account.

Please save your username and password in a safe, easily accessible place.

We highly recommend that you register so you can enjoy the following features:

– Add programs to your Watchlist for easy access
– Chat with presenting authors and other audience members
– Receive updates on new programs as they are added to the schedule

Spending some time exploring will help you become familiar with its layout and functions!