Y.M. Masson



When Paris Was Dark is the first book, the story of a young French boy who survived the four years of occupation by German troops in his city. The second The War Inside his Mind is that of a young peaceful, life-loving man drafted into a war who has to become a warrior to survive. The third pillar of the trilogy Never Give Up relates another fight that takes place later in the main character’s life.


So what demons? They come into one’s mind through the daily struggle against the fears, the deprivations, and the violence and atrocities that children and adults alike have to witness and endure. They are demons because for some, they vanish when the conflict ends, but for others, they linger in their minds and eat at their souls.


Sounds dismal? Not a bit. Readers will be uplifted when they see how creative and resilient children and adults can be.


Author website: https://www.ymmassonauthor.com/