Smith-Obolensky Media

Smith-Obolensky Media is an international media boutique based in Miami currently promoting the works of Ivan Obolensky. His award-winning American English gothic mystery novel “Eye of the Moon” was translated into Latin American Spanish as “El ojo de la luna” and released worldwide October, 2020. His articles on the social sciences are available in English and Spanish at


Ivan Obolensky grew up as a member of the 1%, regaled with mystical and ghostly tales of his aristocratic and trailblazing ancestors. These colored the formation and background of his debut novel. Visit his website at and (en español)


We are currently working on projects set for release in 2021 related to “Eye of the Moon”. The virtual exhibit runs to January 2021 so, in lieu of the live streaming over just eight days, videos will be posted to our YouTube channel throughout 2021 on subjects related to “Eye of the Moon” and “El ojo de la luna”. Please subscribe to our channel if you would like to be notified of new videos. If you have questions for the author, you may pose them through Goodreads for his consideration, and visit his website to listen to his radio interviews.