Rain Taxi Review of Books

Currently celebrating its 25th year, Rain Taxi is an organization that champions aesthetically adventurous literature in many different ways. We not only publish the quarterly Rain Taxi Review of Books and host the annual Twin Cities Book Festival, we also publish chapbooks and broadsides, host literary events of all kinds, and curate the Twin Cities Literary Calendar. In all our programs, we are committed to artistic diversity, cultural relevance, and widespread access. Memberships start as low as $25 and come with lots of great perks for book lovers of all varieties–join us today!








Want to hear from behind the scenes what it takes to digitize a book festival? Rain Taxi’s annual Twin Cities Book Festival celebrated its 20th year by going virtual for COVID safety at https://twincitiesbookfestival.com/. In this short-and-sweet session, TCBF Director Eric Lorberer and Exhibit Coordinator Linda Stack-Nelson will discuss the process of taking a normally 7,000-person, one-day extravaganza online. Come see how the sausage gets made! Questions welcome.