First Run Books

First Run Books is an indie micro publisher of first edition offerings by authors looking to launch their literary work out into the universe (or at least past the infield) to find out for themselves if they really do have a Lit Hit on their hands.


Will they at least get a base hit? Or will they strike out?


There’s only one way to find out . . .


On Base:
20/20 by B Shawn Clark


At Bat:
A Matter of Principle by James Starke
Coming back to the future, the Captain reads from his journal entries (widely known as The Harrison Chronicles) curated into a book entitled 20/20, providing insight and analysis of major themes facing the people of a world beset by environmental and economic challenges.


Sundays at 1 PM (EST)
November 15: When the Cock Crows
November 22: A Twig in Time
November 29: Stormy Weather
December 6: Stand-off at the OK Moat
December 13: Lost (& Found) Civilization
December 20: Manifest Destiny
December 27: Science Experiments
January 3: Mother’s Day
January 10: Crop Circles
January 17: Captain Corn Cob