Dog Girl — Teen/Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Gabi Justice lives in Florida with her husband, children, dogs, and one crazy cat. You’d be hard-pressed to find a tennis court in the state that she hasn’t visited, having three competitive junior players in the family. She wrote editorial copy for local magazines after graduating from the University of South Florida. Florida provides the settings for all her coming-of-age stories that highlight bullying, misjudgment, acceptance, and teen anxiety. Her main characters are goal-oriented teenage girls with a drive that can be fierce and dangerous.


Saving the dogs is Kendall’s life. It’s perfect for a girl with severe social anxiety. Money’s tight, and Kendall must decide if risking a relapse is worth it to save the rescue and keep a roof over her head. Delray Dog Rescue doesn’t just rescue dogs, it’s a second chance for felons, like her dad. Losing the rescue means losing Kendall’s home, her sanctuary, her identity, and her dad, all over again. A video of Kendall’s harrowing rescue of a pit bull from an oncoming train goes viral. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of Kendall, making her anxiety worse.