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Nelfa Chevalier From: Saint Domingo, Dominican Republic USA Citizen; Living in Florida. Education: Dr. Architecture and Writer Master degree: Construction Administrator Religion: Catholic Language: Spanish and English

Krishna Life

We are a temple & monastery based in Atlanta. We will be selling our spiritual master’s books that are based on the ancient scriptures of India. (Bhakti yoga) Written by …

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Hicks Publishing

In August 2020, Minister Sherri Hicks contracted COVID-19. She was the only one in her household to contract it.

Richard G Chaber

Richard is a former songwriter, lyricist and recording artist that has always told stories through song since he was twelve years old and has since transitioned to books

Positive Stationery & Gifts, LLC

Vanady A. Daniels served as the principal of Lake Stevens and Arcola Lake Elementary Schools, in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District